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Jovem Pan – Na Balada: Vol. 11

Jovem Pan – Na Balada: Vol. 11

Artista: Jovem Pan
Álbum: Na Balada: Vol. 11
Tamanho: 121 Mb


CD 01
01. Get Up. DJ Ross vs Double You
02. What a felling. Global Dejays
03. From Paris a felling. Infernal
04. Home. Blue Led
05. Call Me. Sonny O´Brien
06. Free. Lite Lovers
07. Leili. Mokka
08. Every Single Day. Benassi Bros feat. Dhany
09. Land of confusion. Renox 21
10. Sugar, sugar. Beatfactory feat. Massiv 4
11. Natural woman. Gambafreaks feat. Nicole
12. Easy lover. Chevallier & Tobi Diamond
13. Seduced. On da beat

CD 02
01. Flashing for Mone. Deep Dish Vs Dire Straits
02. Never Gonna Be the Same. Cüva
03. Wellfare. Gigi D´Agostino
04. Crazy. Paperboy
05. Parle Avec Toi. Max Vs Serel
06. Little Love. Alex Gaudino Feat Jerma Pres. Lil
07. It´s Summertime. Katla
08. Mama Mia (French Version). In Grid
09. You Are the One. Silvertone
10. Move on. Origin All
11. Wildberry Tracks. Future Funk
12. Waiting in the Darness. Morillo Feat. Leslie

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